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Tecnotree Agility™ VAS Consolidation

All VAS services from a single platform with single integration. VAS-in-a-box.

Unify your VAS services into one single consolidated environment, simplify the launch of new VAS services and reduce OPEX.  

Call Completion Services.

Turning the legacy Call Completion service (voicemail) into a new era by enabling high capacity and reliable Missed Call Notification services for the mass markets and full blown voicemail services for valued subscribers. The feature rich Call Completion suite provides compelling tools for VAS marketing. 

Messaging Services.

MMS is still used by a vast segment of users, especially the user group with feature handsets. The VASc solution combines high performance MMS and feature rich SMSC and USSD, enabling seamless and harmonised end user experience. The messaging suite comes with effective business management tools for VASP integration. 

IVR services.

As part of VAS consolidation, Tecnotree provides tools to host various voice and video services on the same platform. The Tecnotree AgilityTM VASc platform enables services like Call Conferencing, Outcall Campaigns, Call Center IVRs and more. 

Operational excellence.

By consolidating the vast number of VAS services into one harmonised platform, you can gain substantial benefits in operations. The VAS-in-a-box solution reduces significantly the OPEX in VAS service, both maintenance and operational costs. 

Flexibility in deployment.

Tecnotree VASc has flexible deployment models, such as legacy server and cloud models. The brilliance of cloud models is in the adaptability of fully or semi-automated vertical and horizontal scaling, which enables seamless resource scaling and matches the changes in resource needs.

Service enabler.

The consolidated VAS environment unifies the various VAS enablers (VMS, MCN, SMS, MMS, USSD and WAP) into one single environment with common interfaces and common internal CRM. With this, Tecnotree VASc simplifies the go-to-market planning of new VAS services and enables a whole new era of cross-access services.

Choose the Tecnotree solution.

The Tecnotree Agility™ VASc Suite offers a full complement of products and solutions that meet the needs of leading communications service providers. Tecnotree offers you a number of choices for delivery; we can deploy complete solutions as integrated systems or standalone products in phases. In addition, Tecnotree can offer both a SaaS and Managed Services approach.

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DNA is Finland’s largest cable operator and the leading pay TV provider in both the cable and terrestrial networks. In 2014, DNA recorded a turnover of EUR 833.5 million and an operating profit of EUR 27.6 million. DNA Ltd has more than 3.5 million mobile communications and fixed network customer subscriptions.

It was important for DNA to consolidate all call completion and messaging services into one platform from a single vendor. The Tecnotree Agility VAS platform is a fully virtualized, versatile, cost-efficient, and future-proof platform for new, innovative messaging services going forward,” states Director, Enterprise Services Janne Hankaankorpi at DNA.

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