Offer bundling

Tecnotree Agility™ Commerce Engine

Scale and accelerate your partner business with real-time bundled services.

With the growing number of partnered offerings, Commerce Engine scales up your real-time bundled services, at the same time putting you in the driver's seat. It extends the well-known business logics applied in the premium messaging business to any network and all channels.

Create real-time service bundles.

Register partners and assign tariffs to partner offerings with Commerce Engine. You can also assign time, volume, calendar or event-based tariffs to real-time bundled services. You can productise network capabilities such as QoS and sell them to content partners. All processes are channel agnostic, and can be applied to any network: e.g LTE, 3G, fixed broadband.

Manage subscriptions.

You can register end-user subscriptions and individuals’ delivery preferences with Commerce Engine. Additionally you can manage the subscription lifecycle from promotion to renewal.

Control delivery.

With Commerce Engine, you are able to apply rules and policies to partner offerings. Policies include privacy, blacklist/whitelist, time window for content deliviery, and content provider throughput. Channels supported are SMS, MMS, WAP, Sim Tool Kit, SMTP, XML.

Protect your brand.

You're in the driver's seat of partnered business with the controls provided by Commerce Engine. You can protect your brand through managing subscriptions and applying controls to individual events. You can also prevent spam or unwanted content from reaching your end-users.

Accelerate your business.

Commerce Engine lets you create personalised and sticky services matching your prepaid users' content preferences to their lifestyle. Real-time targeted advertising campaigns accelerate service discovery and create cross-sales opportunities.

Reduce cost of support.

Commerce Engine provides a large number of means for personalised controls of delivery, such as black list, white list and opt-in/opt-out. These policies can be used to proactively prevent customer complaints and contacts to customer care. Any complaints can be acted upon immediately. 

Choose the Tecnotree solution.

Commerce Engine lets you scale up partner business. It is network and channel agnostic, and it benefits from the analytics and subscription management capabilitites of the Tecnotree AgilityTM Suite. Commerce Engine comes pre-integrated with Unified Product Catalogue and the Convergent Charging solution.

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