Tecnotree Agility™ Wholesale Billing

Extract value from traffic across your network border.

Manage all your interconnect, roaming and content partners in a comprehensive way with Wholesale Billing. With a single repository, reduce duplication and achieve improved operational efficiency and reduced time to handling errors.

Centralised operations for all partner management activities.

Wholesale Billing lets you manage all your partner-related activities: create partners and their identifiers and configure their services, number plans, tariff plans and rating rules.

Multi-dimensional agreements & advanced revenue sharing models.

Wholesale Billing helps you manage agreements and calculate settlement charges between multiple partners for a single event.

Partner settlements for all lines of business.

Generate invoices and settlement statements for various type of partners and in their preferred billing currency. This applies to all your different lines of business: interconnect, roaming, content, MVNOs and wholesale.

Ease of operation.

With Wholesale Billing, you have centralised access to partner data and a single repository with all information regarding partners, easily accessible to all CSP functions.

Low total cost of ownership.

Wholesale Billing provides significant cost advantages: it is a fast-to-install and easy-to-use solution, bringing down your operations and maintenance costs. Wholesale Billing supports multiple and converged technologies, reducing unnecessary additional investments.

Maximise revenue and increase productivity via efficient operations.

While making it easier to configure partner accounts, their agreements and multi-currency tariffs, Wholesale Billing supports billing for voice, SMS and data services. It allows you to monitor usage, at the same time efficiently handling settlements and automatic reconciliation. All this minimises revenue leakage.

Choose the Tecnotree solution.

Wholesale Billing is part of the Tecnotree Agility™ Suite, which offers a full complement of products and solutions that meet the needs of leading communications service providers.

With Tecnotree you have a number of flexible choices; you can deploy in-house complete integrated systems or standalone products in phases. In addition, Tecnotree can offer both a SaaS and Managed Services approach.

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