Tecnotree Agility™ Convergent Charging

Monetise your services and capture revenue every second.

Versatile and highly configurable, Convergent Charging rates subscriber transactions and manages their balances and credit limits. With Convergent Charging, you can quickly introduce new tariffs, promotions and discounts for your upcoming campaign activities.

Flexible rules-based policy engine.

Allows you to create a wide range of granular services, targeted at specific customer segments. This drives increased customer retention and long-term revenues.

A single charging solution for all your needs.

Prepare for the future by using our fully converged charging solution. Monetise any service over any network, without having to use multiple charging platforms.

Real-time cost control and access management.

Let your subscribers keep better control on individual, family or group communications expenditure. At the same time, Convergent Charging gives them access to a wide portfolio of services.

Set up promotions, discounts and campaigns in minutes.

Convergent Charging helps you keep your customers happier. You can create discounts, tariffs, promotions and bonuses in just minutes to deliver what your customers need.

Let your customers flexibly manage their communication costs.

Do your customers need the possibility to call for example a family member even though they are temporarily out of balance? Convergent Charging allows this by charging the main account owner instead of the caller, based on earlier agreed rules.

Keep your company mobility costs at a reasonable level.

Helping you stick to your budget and controlling your company’s mobility costs, Convergent Charging allows you to control individual employee costs, whether at home or travelling.

Choose the Tecnotree solution.

Convergent Charging is part of the Tecnotree Agility™ Suite, which offers a full complement of products and solutions that meet the needs of leading communications service providers. With Tecnotree you have a number of flexible choices; you can deploy in-house complete integrated systems or standalone products in phases. In addition, Tecnotree can offer both a SaaS and Managed Services approach.

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