Tecnotree Agility™ BSS Express

Achieve your business goals. Reduce time to monetisation.

BSS Express works to your time to digital market needs. It provides a pre-integrated, open and extendable suite for executing the digital service provider’s business model from order to cash.

BSS Express accelerates transformation by reducing complexity and deployment times. It delivers in-a-box capabilities to execute your business models through real-time charging, offering management, and customer management to the creation of bills and payment. As a result, new offerings can be introduced within minutes and offered to target segments and channels.

BSS Express running on a cloud

Venture into new revenue streams

Quick time-to-market with BSS Express

Drive digital transformation.

  • Apply design thinking around the customer centric business models and support a broad digital ecosystem.
  • Empower workforce and customers with 360 degree customer view, self-service access, control and partner collaboration tools.
  • Supports an omni-channel experience with consistent customer experience across web, mobile and retail channels.

Deliver business agility.

  • Quickly tap the market opportunity with a minimal capex outlay.
  • Empowers commercial teams to experiment in the market with new offers in days and monitor performance via business dashboard.
  • Enables a unified product catalogue for the creation of bundles services.
  • Comprehensive digital ecosystem capabilities that it easy to manage value chain that involves partners and customers.
robust revenue and customer managemet capabilities

Open and innovative partner.

  • Accelerate your digital vision with our commercial migration approach.
  • Provides end-to-end digital BSS capabilities as a cloud service through flexible commercial models.
  • Brings the power and simplicity of SaaS/PaaS to BSS so that you can be operationally ready to quickly launch digital services.

A turnkey solution that makes it fast and low cost to monetise services.

BSS Express significantly reduces time-to-market by empowering your business users to find the right real-time monetisation models and adapt to changing customer demands for your market through configuration alone.

It comes with out-of-the-box common customer facing and monetisation scenarios for new services that can be reconfigured without need for customisation. BSS Express expedites your pathway to a digital service provider, as it includes a predefined suite of adjunct functionality that achieves the right balance between scope, availability and return on invest­ment.

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