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Schedule of Tecnomen's return of capital

Stock Exchange Release 4 September 2006

Tecnomen has applied a permission from the Finnish National Board of Patents and Registration for the implementation of the decision of the Annual General Meeting on March 15, 2006 regarding the decrease of the company’s share premium fund. The Finnish National Board of Patents and Registration has notified that company’s creditors have no objected to the decrease of the share premium fund and the partial return of capital to the shareholders, and that the permission to decrease the share premium fund pursuant to the Companies Act, Sect 6 (5) has been registered with the Trade Register on August 23, 2006.

The Board of Tecnomen has in its meeting on September 1, 2006 decided on the schedule of the return of capital. The record date of the return of capital will be September 6, 2006 and the payment date will be September 11, 2006. 

The amount of Tecnomen shares entitled to the return of capital is 58,835,778. The return of capital is 0.10 euros per share, in total 5,883,577.80 euros.


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