Growth strategy


Any time, any place, consumption of content and services drives the expansion of the global digital marketplace. For our communications service provider customers this represents a remarkable growth opportunity.

To benefit from this growth, CSPs need to update their IT systems to support the sales and delivery of digital content and services, and new business models. Along with these advancements CSPs need to improve their operational efficiency, shift focus from technology to sales and marketing, and use analytics and actionable insight in customer interactions.

Our growth path

Since 2011, most of our business growth has come from solutions supplied to emerging markets. As part of these rather demanding and lengthy projects we have delivered systems for convergent charging, convergent billing, product management, and customer care. We have also achieved constant growth in recurring service revenue, which now represent a significant portion of our net sales.

In the near term, we shall maintain our strategic focus on emerging markets as we continue to experience growth from those parts of the world.

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