Telecoms customer experience management: Simplifying the path to digital customer experience, May 2015

The speed at which we embrace digital life is increasing and communication service providers (CSPs) are facing a growing number of new challenges from traditional competition and OTT alike. As a result, customer experience is a critical factor in today’s competitive and connected marketplace.  According to Forrester research, 89% of consumers are willing to switch providers as a result of a poor experience and so the introduction of new OTT service offerings like Google’s Project Fi means there will soon be an alternative to the services of traditional CSPs.  While customers have the right to expect to be well served, many companies now consider Customer Experience Management (CEM) key to understanding every element of the experience. With this in mind, it is essential that CSPs too start to take a more wholesome view of customer experience.

Telcos now have an opportunity to learn from their customers through their smart devices, and with real-time customer feedback, operators must act fast to put in place the necessary business processes to make use of this. For the most part, customer experience is not an IT problem, but rather a cultural problem.

To provide excellent customer experience, CSPs need to re-orient their systems and processes to support more integrated product/offer management strategies. Constant incremental innovation and learning from customer behavior is a necessary pre-requisite to predicting what the customer will need in the future. By providing customers with a rapid and meaningful response to their everyday service needs, operators are presented with an obvious opportunity to differentiate themselves. Tecnotree is actively working with our customers to help in understanding how the information available through the standard BSS stack can be used to enhance customer experience throughout the customer lifecycle.

Timo Ahomäki, CTO, Tecnotree

This article was originally published in VanillaPlus

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